Charles and Marline Balbach are committed to providing you the best in “farm to table” products. Their commitment to you is backed by a unique international tradition and more than three decades of honed culinary skill.

Drawing on family legacies from Germany, France, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Canada and the United States the Balbach's continue a rich heritage of satisfying discerning palates. Twelve years of operating a successful vegan restaurant within sight of the California Capitol building, and decades of catering, have taught them how to deliver consistent quality to their discriminating patrons.

Charles and Marline share a commitment to a philosophy in ascertaining the pedigree of food–knowing where your groceries come from and how they are cared for along their path to your mouth. Living in the Sacramento area for more than 30 years has provided them the opportunity to form relationships with local growers and artisans in keeping with this philosophy.

The commitment of Flowing Gold is to discover and provide those unique, gourmet and sentimental products of the earth that meet their high standards of flavor, health and quality.

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