Gardening and a Sweet Harvest!

What a wonderful harvest we are having and so early this year! Perfect tomatoes, no cracking except the birds love them this year too!! We have never had tomatoes this early. Picked our first one in MAY!!! My tomatoes are always late. Had loads of kale and beets just when Charlie needed them for his juices-praise God! Picking a basket full of goodies almost every morning! Thank you Lord!

Yerba Santa Blossoms in the Foothills

Yerba Santa Blossoms in the Foothills

We went for a walk in the foothills around lake Tabeaud and found the lovely Yerba Santa in bloom. Not only do bees and insects love this plant but it is a great blessing to all of us!

Yerba Santa is an excellent healing plant. The late Dr. Eugene Watkins, my friend and a great Naturopath and Herbalist, taught me the following about Yerba Santa:

From the Spanish language we have the name Yerba Santa, or, as we would say in English "Herb Saint". This herb of the high desert mountains in the desert southwest of the US., with its gray-white miniature trumpet flowers, has long been revered by the Spanish community as a life-saving lung herb. The clean refreshing scent and taste of Yerba Santa immediately suggest the relief it affords for removing mucus, draining fluid from lungs and their restoration to normal function. Take internally, 40 to 80 drops per day, or hourly as needed for relief. This may help someone with breathing difficulties to breathe easier. I love chewing on the young leaves, then I spit out the residue. Take a drink of water and it is soooo sweet and refreshing after chewing on YS leaves!!

To your health this lovely spring! Keep praying for rain! God is good! All the time.

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